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Join Us Aboard EASY DIVER
Every Weekend and Holiday from May-October

$50 per person

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EASY DIVER explores the coves, point, shores and wrecks of Cape Ann Massachusetts. Most dives range from 15'-50' depth.

The boat is limited to 6 passengers who may bring two scuba cylinders each. Rental equipment is not provided. EASY DIVER fills up fast during the winter and early spring months before the season actually begins. Interested individuals are urged to sign on as early as possible.

Selected dive sites are dependent upon weather and wind conditions. Actual destinations may vary at the Captain's discretion. The boat does not sail when the weather is poor. All advances are refunded in full.

EASY DIVER sails once daily at 10 a.m. from "J" Dock, Cape Ann Marina, 75 Essex Avenue, Gloucester, MA. Passengers must be at the dock by 9:30 am.

Directions: Route 128, Exit 14/Route 133. At the bottom of the ramp, take a right.  Go 2 1/2 miles on Route 133 (Essex Ave.) continuing past the West Gloucester T Station. Cape Ann Marina is on the left, opposite the Gloucester Cinema and right before a Mobil Station.

Charter Arrangements

Charters should be arranged and paid for in full in advance by contacting Capt. Fred Calhoun at 978-525-3432 or emailing . Checks payable to Fred Calhoun should be mailed to: 2 Ocean Avenue, Unit #1-H, Gloucester, MA 01930. The cost is $50 per person.

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Popular Dive Destinations

  • Lanes Cove
  • Halibut Point
  • Folly Point
  • Hoop Pole Cove
  • Cathedral Rocks
  • Wreck of the Chelsea
  • Wreck of the New Hampshire
  • Loblolly Cove
  • Thacher Island
  • Norman's Woe

CAPTAINS CHOICE: Fred Calhoun's Three Favorite Dive Sites

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Many EASY DIVER customers enjoy lobstering on their dive trips. While there are several licenses available for taking lobsters and crabs in the state of Massachusetts - Coastal, Offshore, Seasonal and Non Commercial - the Non Commerical license is the one most popular with the small cult of recreational skin and scuba divers who come abroard the EASY DIVER. The Non Commerical license allows the bearer to provide for his or her family or self, but not not allow for the sale of any portion of the catch. Lobsters must not be speared.

The legal minimum size of lobsters which may be taken is 3 1/4" , measured along a line parallel to the center line of the lobster's body, from the rear of the eye socket to the back of the body shell (measure both sides). Lobsters must be measured (gauged) as soon as they have been caught, before they are put in a bag. Lobsters may only be taken between the hours of 1/2 hour before sunrise and 1/2 hour after sunset.

Licensed diving lobster-persons must display their license numbers on their scuba tanks and upon both faces of an upright panel supported at the surface in the vicinity where they are fishing.

Mutilation of any lobster which affects its measurement or the possession of lobster parts shall be evidence that the lobster was less than legal minimum size. Egg-bearing lobsters many not be taken at any time.

For more detailed information about laws relating to lobsters and crabs and to obtain a license, contact the Division of Marine Fisheries.

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